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Vietnam animal husbandry industry to overcome hardships

The article below was published in the Saigon Times, 20 July 2013 [Vietnamese version]

HCMC – Vietnam’s husbandry industry is facing many challenges but the sector still has many opportunities to overcome hardship and grow in the long term, said a report recently announced by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

Lucila A. Lapar, an agricultural economist of ILRI, said that meat is a necessary product of consumers and that meat consumption will increase following higher incomes of people in the future. Therefore, the husbandry industry of Vietnam still has opportunities to develop.

Besides, domestic consumers are fond of raw meat rather than imported frozen meat. This is an advantage for enterprises in this sector.

ILRI’s study also provided suggestions for husbandry enterprises to overcome difficulties. Because consumers usually diversify their eating habits, using various types of meat such as seafood, livestock, beef and eggs, enterprises should also provide diversified products to meet their demands. This must be included in long-term strategies of enterprises.

The most important factor is price because it will impact decisions of buyers. Therefore, enterprises must find out ways to reduce costs to launch competitive products onto the market, the report said.

Besides, meat consumers still care about problems such as diseases, food hygiene and safety. The study showed that consumers have given negative responses to pig diseases, with roughly 50% stopping or reducing meat consumption and around one-third have shifted to use other types of meat.

Compared to their Hanoi counterparts, many consumers in HCMC have shifted to modern sales channels such as supermarkets and commercial centers to seek safer meat products. If a disease breaks out, up to 50% of HCMC consumers reached by the survey will stop or reduce meat buying, 15% will buy meat at modern sales venues and 29% will use other meat products.

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