Vietnam-based project to design key maps and tools for managing climate-sensitive diseases


On 22 December 2017 animal and human health experts gathered in Hanoi, Vietnam to discuss ways of disseminating the findings and recommendations of a ‘Surveillance and early-warning systems for climate-sensitive diseases in Vietnam and Laos’, or Pestforecast project.

More than 35 experts from the livestock, animal health, public health and agriculture sectors in the country, representing funders, national institutes, government at both central and provincial levels, embassies, civil society, research academia and the private sector attended the meeting.

In opening remarks, Hung Nguyen, regional representative for the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in East and Southeast Asia, said that the climate-sensitive diseases (CSDs) such as Japanese encephalitis (a viral disease), leptospirosis (a bacterial disease), aflatoxins-related diseases (fungal) and dengue which the project focuses on affect the poor, including smallholder farmers, in rural communities and addressing them can enhance social equity in the country by improving agricultural productivity, and human and…

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