Teen Who Had To Decide Between College And Helping Mom Receives Life-Changing Response

A Texas high school senior will now be able to fulfill her dreams of going to Barnard College after the support from thousands of strangers.

Alondra Carmona is a senior at Yes Prep East End in Houston, TX.

“My dreams came true on December 14th when I was accepted into the Ivy League women’s institution, Barnard College,” Carmona said.

The teen grew up in a single-parent household where her mom worked every day to pay rent. However, last February her mother broke her ankle and was not able to work. When the pandemic struck, it only made their financial situation worse.

“Today, I found out that my mom has not had a job for 3 months and hid it from us. She owes two months of rent and will most likely get evicted in March,” Carmona said on February 5.

“All of my college savings will go to paying the rent that we are behind on. As much as I dream of going to Barnard College, it is not looking promising right now.”

So, she turned to GoFundMe “as a last resort” since the school was reportedly not able to change her financial package.

Within days, the donations topped $167,000.

“College is hard enough without worrying about mom’s rent on top. All the best to you with your studies,” one donor commented.

Carmona added that she is “tremendously grateful” for the generosity of over 4,000 donors.

“You have all made my dream come true!” she said.