Smallholder pigs in northern-Vietnam

Smallholder pigs in Chương Mỹ district (photo credit: ILRI/A.Nguyen)

Welcome to VietPigs, the website for the research work of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and our partners in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, ILRI’s pig-related research is part of two larger CGIAR programs:

ILRI’s research in Vietnam is focused upon improving the livelihoods of the rural and urban poor in Vietnam through improved opportunities and incomes from pig value chains. To read more about the work of ILRI and our partners in Vietnam, please visit the About page

This site is an online portal and source of information, news, and updates on ILRI’s research on pigs in Vietnam.

As well as providing information on current active projects, Vietpigs also provides information on previous ILRI projects undertaken in Vietnam, such as the Improving the competitiveness of pig producers in an adjusting Vietnam market programme. For more information about this or, other projects, please visit our Projects page

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