Risk-assessment research project poster wins prize

Click here to download the full poster

The poster on pork risk assessment research, a component of the project led has won the best poster prize at the European College of Veterinary Public Health, Annual General Meeting, held in Switzerland.

The poster titled ‘Risk assessment in the pork meat chain in two districts of Vietnam: a Residency Training Project in collaboration with the International Livestock Research Institute’presents results of the analysis of hazards and risks along pig supply chains in urban and peri-urban Hanoi. The research is based on the concept of risk analysis, which attempts to identify risks “from farm to fork”. To this end, the research team, including Anna Fahrion, Do Ngoc Thuy, Nguyen Ngoc Toan, Lucy Lapar and Delia Grace has collected 100 pork samples from 5 open markets and 3 supermarkets in Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi and 3 open markets in nearby former Ha Tay province (now Hanoi) to examine the presence of hazards that lead to common pork-born diseases in human. The team also took 100 fecal and blood samples from slaughterhouses supplying carcass to markets in Thanh Xuan district. 10 fecal and blood samples were also gathered from slaughterhouses in Ha Tay province.

In addition to sample analysis, the team has conducted surveys (using checklists and questionnaires) with the 3 slaughterhouses, 25 retailers from which we took pork samples and 152 pork consumers who purchased pork thereof. The tests of the samples reveal high level of hazards in pork with fecal contamination as the largest contributor, probably at slaughter points. However, risks to human health appeared low, due probably to the widespread adoption of risk-mitigating practices. Contrary to conventional belief, modern outlets appeared to have higher level of hazards than traditional ones.

Click here to download the full poster

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