Polic Advocacy and Communication Pathways: Improving the Competitiveness of Pig Producers in an Adjusting Vietnam Market

A grandmother and her grandchildThe project included a systematic strategy for communication with key stakeholders, including national and provincial level policy makers, researchers, extension experts/agents, NGOs, private entrepreneurs, bankers, and other donors.

In addition to ongoing communication activities, a mid-project review provided a forum to brief stakeholders and to make program adjustments, and the end-of-project workshop was designed to assist policy makers and development agencies with using the research findings and experiences to best-effect policy and action-changes.

Project partnership with Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development, Oxfam Great Britain, the University of Queensland, and the International Food Policy Research Institute was considered critical for both project implementation and for the sustainability and implementation of project outputs beyond the research timeline. Linkages with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization: Pro-poor Livestock Policy Initiative and the World Bank Livestock Competitiveness and Food Safety project activities in Vietnam helped to widen the scope for impact.

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