Project Team Members: Improving the Competitiveness of Pig Producers in an Adjusting Vietnam Market

Steve Staal: Is the Director of ILRI’s Livestock Market Opportunities Research Theme, and Director of the ILRI-IFPRI Joint Programme on Livestock Markets. As Project Leader, he provided overall administrative and quality control leadership to the project and reporting to ACIAR, and also provide methodological backstopping and supervision especially in farm and market level surveys, and participation in a few key consultations during the course of the project. He also provided guidance in the policy advocacy and communication strategies of the project; he co-led the partnership for policy advocacy in Kenya that was awarded the 2004 CGIAR Science Award for Outstanding Communications.

Mohammad Jabbar: Was formerly the Leader of ILRI’s global project on changing demand and market institutions, an Operating Project under the Market Theme, prior to his retirement from ILRI in December 2007. Mohammed supported the project as an ILRI consultant and provide backstopping and guidance especially of the demand and market studies, and for participation in key consultation and outreach activities. His previous experience in supervising demand and market institutional studies in a number of countries in Asia and Africa are useful credentials that he brings with him to this project.

Lucy Lapar: a senior economist under the ILRI Market Theme based in Hanoi, will provide in-country technical and management support to the Project Leader and was responsible for day-to-day management of the project on the ground, including coordination of partner activities; lead responsibilities in farm and market level studies and outreach activities. She was a major contributor to the livestock industrialisation project in the Philippines and led the contract farming project in Vietnam and the value chain study Cambodia.

Nguyen Ngoc Toan: worked principally as a quantitative analyst but also offered his expertise in data collection. His major responsibility was to provide research support in statistical and econometric analysis. He also supported Lucy in the day-to-day running of the project.

Tom Weaver: worked predominantly on the advocacy and communication aspects of the project. He rsearched the policymaking process in Vietnam with livestock as a case study, an important component of objective 5 of the project. He also supported Lucy in the day-to-day running of the project.

Professor Clem Tisdell: Overall responsibility was of an advisory nature providing feedback and guidance on field survey and analytical methodologies, in order for the implications of the project for rural poverty, for rural change and adjustment and associated gender issues to be properly addressed. Professor Tisdell also attended key workshops and meetings for planning, consultation and periodic review of progress; reviewing written documents, reports and papers emerging out of the project.

Clare Narrod: a Research Fellow of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI): Markets and Trade Division, in charge of the Food and Water Safety programme and Deputy Director of the ILRI-IFPRI Joint Programme. She co-led the livestock industrialization work and the contract farming work with Chris Delgado while at FAO. She provided the econometric backstopping, including the sector modelling in objective 4 through supervision of work by Marites Tiongco.

Nick Minot: is a senior research felllow at IFPRI and leads the policy modelling work under component 4 of the project.

Marites Tiongco: a post-doctoral fellow at IFPRI. Marites was mainly responsible for econometric analyses of farm, market and policy components under objective 4. She has done similar backstopping of the empirical work of the country teams under the four-country livestock industrialization project and the current contract farming studies in India and Vietnam.

Dang Kim Son: Senior Advisor, supported the research design, fieldwork design, analysis and policy dialogue.

Nguyen Ngoc Que: Vice Director of

Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD). As leader of the national partner team, Que coordinated the local implementation of the project, specifically in providing logistical support in the conduct of the various rapid appraisals, stakeholder meetings, and field surveys and guide implementation of the field surveys. Given his background in quantitative policy analysis and modelling, he provided inputs to the policy modelling component. He and his team will also coordinate the planning and implementation of various outreach activities including the holding of an end-of-project workshop and policy dialogues with key policymakers and stakeholders in Vietnam.

Pham Thi Ngoc Linh: is a quantitative analyst with the Centre of Agricultural Policy within IPSARD. Linh assisted Mr Que in all the logistical and research management activities mentioned above, and also contributed to field research, analysis and modelling. Approximately eight other research support staff within the institute will assist the senior researchers with the field surveys, data management and analysis.

Nguyen Que Nga: a quantitative analyst who assisted Mr Que with data entry and data analysis.

Nguyen Do Anh Tuan: Value chain specialist, responsible for conducting Participatory rural appraisal’s, qualitative studies and policy analysis.

Nguyen Anh Phong: a livestock specialist, who contributed to the technical aspect of pig value chain questionnaires and analysis.

Tran Cong Thang: Quantitative analyst who assisted Mr Que with designing the questionnaires and quantitative analysis.

Le Kim Dung: Program coordinator and Leader of Oxfam Great Britain in Hanoi. Mr Dung guided and supervised Oxfam’s input into the project, especially on stakeholder analysis and market participation issues by attending key workshops and meetings.

Antony Feeny: of Prosperity Initiative, brought his skills and experience working with the private sector to the project.

John Marsh: of Oxfam Hong Kong played a key partnership role in conducting stakeholder workshops and other partnership exercises. John also played an important role in the dissemination, outreach and advocacy elements of the project.

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